Tuesday, 10 April 2012

First Blog Giveaway: Guestbook


Well,aku nak menceburkan diri dalam segmen Giveaway anjuran shareyourlovewithcards.Untung nasib dapat guestbook kat atas nih;))
Macam mana nak join?Hah follow instruction kat bawah nih>:/
1. Anyone can join this giveaway.
2. "Follow" my blog -aku dah follow:>
3. Just make a post about this giveaway at your blog /facebook /twitter.
4. Please leave the detail at the comment box:
- Your full name
- Your email address
- Your Posted Link

Tarikh Tutup giveaway ini adalah pada 30 april 2012!

Cepat korang join giveaway nih!!


Mell Mariann said...


vendoline said...

buat sndiri ke al;bum...cntik

aReLaN said...

gudlark ye.dah klik gak!!!hehehe

nshaheera said...

nur shaheera



Anonymous said...

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